VPFA Senior Administrator Roles

Vice-President Finance and Administration
Gary Brewer, Vice-President, Finance and Administration
x 55160, brewerg@yorku.ca

The Vice-President has overall responsibility for the departments within the division; is supported by assistant vice-presidents and directors in each of these areas; supports the president particularly in initiatives relating to finance and government funding; and provides support to several Board committees, including Finance & Staff Resources, Audit, Investment and Land Use.


Office of the Vice-President Finance and Administration
Rob Castle, Senior Executive Officer, Finance and Administration
x55225, rcastle@yorku.ca

The Senior Executive Officer is responsible for the operation of the Office of the Vice-President and for coordinating activities within the Finance and Administration division, particularly as they relate to policies, procedures and reports for the consideration of University-wide bodies, including the University Executive Committee, the Board of Governors, Board committees and others.


Department of Internal Audit
Ran Lewin, Director, Internal Audit
x66219, lewinr@yorku.ca

Internal Audit is an independent, objective assurance function responsible for assessing the adequacy of University systems, processes and practices; identifying business risks; and ensuring the University operates effectively and efficiently within established laws, regulations and University policies.


Department of Finance
Trudy Pound-Curtis, Assistant Vice-President, Finance and Chief Finance Officer
x77100, trudypc@yorku.ca

The Assistant Vice-President is responsible for the overall financial management of the University, including operating and ancillary budget plans, financial reporting, cash management, endowment funds, research accounting, accounts payable, purchasing services, and effective management of the Finance and Human Resources System.


Department of Finance
Office of the Comptroller

Aldo DiMarcantonio, Comptroller
x55799, dimarca@yorku.ca

Providing overall financial management services to the University community, the Comptroller is responsible for financial analysis and reporting (including preparation of the University's financial statements), research accounting, accounts payable, insurance administration, and financial procedures and cost controls.


Department of Finance
Office of the Comptroller

Cameron Rogers, Assistant Comptroller
x55877, rogersc@yorku.ca

The Assistant Comptroller provides leadership to the General Accounting, Risk Management and Accounts Payable functions; provides financial guidance and advice to senior staff of the University; researches and implements best practices for financial management; evaluates the effectiveness of internal controls; develops and implements operational policies and procedures for the financial administration of the University, delivering appropriate related training; works strategically with IT Services to deliver IT-based solutions to the community.


Department of Finance

Laurie M. Lawson, Treasurer
x55539, laurie.lawson@yorku.ca

Treasury manages the University’s financial assets, including cash flow, cash management, short-term investment activity, University trusts and endowments, overseeing external portfolio managers and investment reporting.  Operational duties include banking, borrowing/financing, merchant site financial arrangements, and overseeing the corporate travel card and guaranteed housing loan programs.  Treasury authorizes and oversees electronic and web-processed financial transactions and eCommerce relationships.


Department of Finance
Procurement Services

Dexter King, Director, Procurement Services
x30534, dking@yorku.ca

Procurement Services is responsible for ensuring that the procurement function at York is performed in an open, fair and transparent manner where goods and services are procured at an optimal price, in a competitive environment, and where all transactions yield maximum benefit to the University. This is achieved through conducting the competitive bid process and ensuring compliance in accordance with federal and provincial legislation and agreements, identifying long-term contract opportunities with major vendors, negotiating university-wide agreements, managing the University Purchasing Card program and eCommerce system and facilitating surplus asset management.


Department of Finance
Pension Fund

Leona Fields, Director, Pension Fund
x55122, fieldsl@yorku.ca

The Director is responsible for monitoring the overall financial results of the York University Pension Fund, which has assets in excess of $1 billion. The Director provides professional expertise and administrative support to the Pension Fund Board of Trustees in relation to investment policies, practices and decisions.


Department of Human Resources
Donna Smith, Interim Assistant Vice-President, Human Resources
x33613, smithdj@yorku.ca

The Assistant Vice-President is responsible for strategic leadership of Human Resources including Job Evaluation & Compensation; Pension & Benefits; Payroll and HR Information Systems; Workforce Planning, Recruitment, Diversity and Employment Equity; Learning & Organizational Development; Health, Safety and Employee Well-Being and Non-Academic Employee Relations. 


Department of Human Resources
Employee Relations

Leanne DeFilippis, Associate Director, Employee Relations
x20841, defilip@yorku.ca

The Associate Director provides support to the Human Resources & Employee Relations senior management and staff on academic and non-academic employee/labour relations. In addition to acting as a consultant and advisor to University management on academic and non-academic labour relations, the Associate Director also provides strategic and tactical support to the labour relations functions in the areas of contract negotiations, contract administration and grievance and arbitration hearings.  


Department of Human Resources
Employee Relations

Paul Campbell, Associate Director, Non-Academic Employee Relations
x44743, campbell@yorku.ca

The Associate Director, Non-Academic Employee Relations administers the non-academic collective agreements. Paul Campbell has primary responsibility for representing the employer in labour/management meetings, grievances, dispute resolution, arbitration processes and negotiations with CUPE 1356, CUPE 1356-1 and CUPE 1356-2 and IUOE 772.


Department of Human Resources
Employee Relations

Donna Smith, Associate Director, Non-Academic Employee Relations
x33613, smithdj@yorku.ca

The Associate Director, Non-Academic Employee Relations administers the non-academic collective agreements. Donna Smith has primary responsibility for representing the employer in labour/management meetings, grievances, dispute resolution, arbitration processes and negotiations with YusApuY.


Department of Human Resources
Learning and Organizational Development

Suzanne Killick, Director, Learning and Development
x77563, killick@yorku.ca

Learning and Development provides specific expertise and support to the University's strategic and operational plans by implementing organizational development and learning solutions that foster an environment of continuous learning through change management, staff development (technical and non-technical), leadership and management development, and knowledge management. The focus is to deliver flexible access to learning and improved performance effectiveness, based on strategic and tactical learning needs identified by employees and managers.


Department of Human Resources
Job Evaluation & Compensation Services

Christine Ablack, Manager, Job Evaluation & Compensation Services
x77568, ablackc@yorku.ca

This office is responsible for the development, implementation and administration of employee compensation programs including job evaluation and salary administration, and provides compensation and job evaluation support and expertise to the community.


Department of Human Resources
Pension & Benefits

Terisa Ducharme, Associate Director, Pension & Benefits
x77564, duchart@yorku.ca

This office oversees the administration of employee benefit programs and is responsible for the administration of the pension plan, which includes providing seminars and individual meetings with employees.


Department of Human Resources
Payroll and HR Information Management

Sue Bulof, Director, Payroll and HR Information Management (HRIM)
x22534, bulofs@yorku.ca

Comprised of three units, namely Payroll, Records and HRIM,  this office manages the functional development, maintenance and security of the university’s integrated ERP Human Resources System.  Additionally, the Payroll and Record units within the office are responsible for the management of HR records, processing of transactional information associated with an employee's appointment and issuance of payroll compliant with collective agreements, university policies and legislative requirements.


Department of Human Resources
Health, Safety and Employee Well-Being

Vanessa Aguiar, Director, Health, Safety and Employee Well-Being (HSEWB)
x55475, vaguiar@yorku.ca

The department promotes a safe and healthy environment for those who work and study at York. It develops policies and programs for the prevention of illness and injury; provides advice and consultation in response to hazardous situations; and ensures that the University complies with occupational health and safety legislation.


Department of Faculty Relations
Barry Miller, Executive Director, Faculty Relations
x33311, bmiller@yorku.ca

Faculty Relations administers and negotiates the collective agreements with the academic unions. Working closely with the Vice-President Academic & Provost and the Vice-President Finance & Administration, the Executive Director provides advice on interpreting these collective agreements and represents the employer in labour/management meetings, final stage grievances, formal dispute resolution, arbitration processes and negotiations.


Department of Faculty Relations
Robert Lawson, Associate Director, Faculty Relations
x22557, rlawson@yorku.ca

The Associate Director, Faculty Relations administers CUPE 3903 collective agreements with contract faculty, graduate student teaching assistants and graduate assistants. The Associate Director represents the employer in labour/management meetings, grievances, arbitration processes and negotiations.


Department of Faculty Relations
John Belton, Associate Director, Faculty Relations
x45499, belton65@yorku.ca

The Associate Director, Faculty Relations administers OPSEU 1 and OPSEU 2
collective agreements, provides related contract negotiation, grievance, mediation and arbitration services and supports the interpretation and administration of the YUFA and OHFA collective agreements and may also assist with CUPE 3903 as required.


Department of Campus Services and Business Operations
Richard Francki, Assistant Vice-President, Campus Services and Business Operations
x55789, rfrancki@yorku.ca

The AVP-CSBO is responsible for all aspects of facilities and plant at both the Keele and Glendon campuses; the delivery of ancillary services; and oversight of commercial activity at the University, with a mandate of enhancing the quality of campus life, supporting core academic and research activities, and achieving University financial objectives. The portfolio includes Campus Planning, Security, Parking, Transportation, Housing, YU-card & Food Services, Bookstores & Printing, Maintenance, Grounds & Custodial, Facilities Development & Construction, Facilities Planning & Renovations, Energy Management, Central Utilities operations, Postal Services, Lease Administration and Fire Safety.


Department of Campus Services and Business Operations
Financial Services
Stephen Jacobson, Director, Financial Services
x31120, jacobson@yorku.ca

The Director is responsible for the overall business planning and financial management of the Department of Campus Services and Business Operations including major capital, renovation and infrastructure projects, energy and utilities cost planning and management, operating budgets, variance reporting and year-end forecasts. The Director also administers and manages leases, license agreements and other contracts between York University and external parties.


Department of Campus Services and Business Operations
Joanne Cary, Associate Director, Administration
x58259, jcary@yorku.ca

The Associate Director, Administration, provides human resources and employee relations support to the operating units of CSBO; oversees the department’s communications functions; and works closely with the operational units in developing and implementing department-wide policies and procedures that support continuous improvement, including related training initiatives.


Department of Campus Services and Business Operations
Bookstore, Printing and Mail Services

Steven Glassman, Director, Bookstore, Printing and Mail Services
x33713, glassman@yorku.ca

Printing Services provides rapid turnaround offset printing and bulk photocopying, and operates a digital archive and database retrieval system for the creation and production of course kits. Visit www.yorku.ca/printing-services. Bookstores provide course materials for students including textbooks and custom printed material such as course kits; a range of academic and general interest titles (e.g., journals, magazines, books on tape, CDs, remaindered academic material, sale books etc.); and a wide selection of stationery and gift items.


Department of Campus Services and Business Operations
Housing Services
Debbie Kee, Director, Housing Services
x40599, debbie@yorku.ca

Housing Services operates all undergraduate student residences as well as the student apartments at the Keele Campus.


Department of Campus Services and Business Operations
YU-card and Food Service
Anthony Barbisan, Director, YU-card and Food Services
x55376, barbisan@yorku.ca

The YU-card Office provides York University's official photo identification and campus debit card program for students, faculty and staff. The YU-card enables access to services across campus in a consistent, convenient and cost effective manner. Food Services is responsible for coordinating, through contracted providers, the delivery of food services and machine vending services to meet the needs of the University community.


Department of Campus Services and Business Operations
Security Services

Aldo Altomare, Director, Security Services
x22158, aldoalto@yorku.ca

This office provides 24-7-52 security services, including education/prevention, campus relations, patrols, property watch and emergency response at both the Keele and Glendon campuses; and integrates its resources and activities with parking, transportation and other service areas within CSBO and across the broader University.


Department of Campus Services and Business Operations
Facilities Development
TBA, Director, Facilities Development

Facilities Development is responsible for the design and implementation of capital projects for the University, such as buildings and building services, parking lots, roads, sewers, watermains, etc. Projects are designed and implemented by suitable consultants and contractors under the project management of Facilities Development staff. The monitoring of existing facilities to ensure compliance with fire regulations and building codes is also a function of this area. 


Department of Campus Services and Business Operations
Facilities Planning
TBA, Director, Facilities Planning

Facilities Planning is responsible for all aspects of space planning in both new and existing buildings. It provides interior design and furnishings services; manages the University's drawings and space database; plans renovations/alterations; and coordinates interior and exterior signage.


Department of Campus Services and Business Operations
Custodial, Grounds and Glendon Facilities Services

Bob Smith, Director, Custodial, Grounds and Glendon Facilities Services
x22373, rsmith@yorku.ca

Plans and directs caretaking services in all University buildings; exterior services including grounds maintenance and beautification, fleet management, snow removal, recycling and waste disposal; and all Facilities Services at the Glendon Campus, including coordination of utilities and maintenance functions.

Department of Campus Services and Business Operations

Steve Sicluna, Director, Maintenance
x55939, ssicluna@yorku.ca

Responsible for providing the University with utility services (electric, steam, natural gas, water and sewage) to all University buildings; for the maintenance and repair of University buildings, fixtures, furnishings and mechanical equipment; and for developing and implementing an energy management program to conserve energy usage and cost.

Department of Campus Services and Business Operations
Energy Management

Bradley Cochrane, Director, Energy Management
x55216, bcochran@yorku.ca

The Director, Energy Management oversees the Central Utilities, Energy Management and Energy Performance Programs for York University's Keele and Glendon campuses. The Director is responsible for the provision of clean, reliable and efficient utilities, leading energy and environmental programs focused on high performance buildings and operations, and strategic energy procurement.

Department of Campus Services and Business Operations
Helen Psathas, Senior Manager, Environmental Design and Sustainability
x55798, psathas@yorku.ca

Responsible for the strategic planning, development and management of York's physical infrastructure relative to the campus built, natural and human environments, ensuring the University's environmental, operational, social, safety and aesthetic objectives are met. This includes design and sustainability considerations for over 500 acres of land and woodlots, containing over 96 multi-use buildings, used by approximately 60,000 students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Office of the Chief Information Officer, University Information Technology (UIT)
Bob Gagne, Chief Information Officer
x55818, bgagne@yorku.ca

The CIO is responsible for University leadership and strategy on information technology matters with direct responsibility for York’s central information technology group, University Information Technology (UIT).  UIT is York’s central information technology services organization whose mandate is to provide a wide range of information technology services to York’s faculty, staff and students in support of the University’s academic, research and administrative goals.

University Information Technology (UIT)
Executive Officer
Andrea Della-Rossa, Executive Officer
x22742, dellara@yorku.ca

This office provides executive support to the Chief Information Officer and senior administrative support to the entire UIT group with respect to operational business planning and management of resources (financial, personnel, space, etc.)


University Information Technology (UIT)
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure
Chris Russel, Director, ICT Infrastructure & Information Security Officer
x55858, russel@yorku.ca

The Director has leadership responsibilities for planning, development and operation of the University common information technology and communications infrastructure services, including telecommunications, network, data centre, servers, storage, databases, workgroup technology and information security. The director works with other leaders within the institution to define policy, services, standards and architecture related to I.C.T. Infrastructure and Information Security.

University Information Technology (UIT)
Applications and Integration
Peter Rowley, Director, Applications and Integration
x55983, prowley@yorku.ca

The Director is responsible for the development and support of applications that enable the full scope of the University’s work from teaching and learning to administrative service delivery.  Applications and Integrations is also responsible for seeing that these applications work smoothly together and for providing consulting and strategic advice to members of the York community.